Valentine Wreath


Required Supplies:

(4) Fuchsia 9"x12" Felt sheets
(4) Pink 9"x12" Felt sheets
Feltables Fuchsia Daisy Flower Embellishments
Wire Coat Hanger or 30" wire strong enough to hold shape
Small Hole Puncher (approx. 1/8" inch hole)
Wire Cutters
Hot Glue Gun and Glue Stick
Cup or other item that has a diameter between 2.75" and 3" to use as template


  1. Fold wire in half and begin to make top curve shapes on each side for top of heart. Do not close your wire yet.
  2. Cut about 34 circles 2.75" to 3" from each color of felt. Your edges do not have to be perfect. Folding the felt disguises any uneven lines.
  3. Take one of your circles and fold in half, then fold in half again to make a rounded triangle.
  4. Holding your folded circle, take your hole puncher and punch a hole in the folded corner of the felt. You can punch through all layers at once which will allow your wire to run through your felt blossom shape.
  5. "Skewer" your folded blossom without unfolding.
  6. Repeat with all of your circles, skewering each after you punch the hole. For the look pictured, we repeated one pink, one fuchsia.
  7. Once you have skewered each circle, be sure each side has an equal amount of blossoms and finish molding your wire into the shape of a heart. The final shape should be about 11".
  8. Bring your ends together and twist. You may need to use pliers to help bend your wires closed. Trim any extra with wire cutters.
  9. Twist, fluff and arrange your blossoms to the look you desire.
  10. Decorate! Use ribbon and Feltables Fashion embellishments to dress up your wreath.
  11. If you still need to hide any exposed wire where you joined the ends, take an extra circle and put a dab of hot glue in the inside center. Fold the circle in half. Put another dab in the bottom center of the folded circle on the straight edge and fold in half again. Hot glue your blossom onto the exposed wire.
  12. Hang on a clear push pin or loop with ribbon to hang.
Note: Use damp cloth to spot clean as needed.


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