Lady Bug Costume


Required Supplies:

Black T-Shirt
Black Bumpy Chenille Stems
1-1/2" Red Pom Poms
Head Band
Red Felt Craft Pack, 36� x 36�
Black Quick Stick Felt, 9� x 12�, 2-3 sheets


To Make Costume:

1) Lay out red felt with it folded; lightly trace line oftemplateonto felt and cut out.

2) Open up wings to make sure cuts are smooth.

3) Fold wings again and from bottom, cut a small upside down "V" shape cut; when they are opened up, they will look like wings!

4) Trace 3-1/2" circles on the back of the Black EZ Felt (6 for kid-sized wings; 10 for adult-sized wings). Cut out.

5) Removed adhesive backing from circles and place in pattern so the spots mirror one another on each side.

6) Glue Lady Bug wings to the back of the black t-shirt. Make sure that there is something between protecting the inside of the shirt from sticking together (a plastic bag is an easy way to protect the inside of the shirt!). Also make sure that the wings are just adhered to the back of the shirt and not onto the back of the sleeves, or it will make it difficult to move the arms.

7) Glue Red Pom Pom on one end of Black Chenille Stem and let dry.

8) Twist other end of Chenille stems around head band creating antennae.

9) Wear black pants to make the costume complete!

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