Pumpkin Costume


Required Supplies:

Orange T-Shirt (larger than person wearing it, will be filled)
Black Elastic
Black Quick Stick Felt, 9 x 12, 2-3 sheets
Cocoa Soft Felt Sheet
Bright Green Chenille Stems
Head Band
Poly-Fil (optional)
Safety Pin


To Make Costume:

1) Cut Jack o' Lantern's features from Black EZ Felt:
a. Eyes: 5" triangles
b. Nose: 3" triangle
c. Mouth: 12" x 5-1/2"

2) Cut a small slit on the inside bottom seam of shirt.

3) Place safety pin on end of elastic and run through seam opening. When you reach the other end, pull, creating a "pouf". Keep ends of elastic together with safety pin.

4) Place shirt on flat surface; peel off adhesive backing and place facial features onto shirt.

5) Cut piece of Cocoa felt approximately 5" x 2" fold over center of head band to determine where glue should be placed.

6) Put Fabri-tac on inside of one side of felt; gently apply pressure putting pieces together.

7) Twist lengths of brightly colored green chenille stems around headpiece on either side of pumpkin "stem." Twist stems around pencil and stretch out, creating the look of vines.

8) Wear green or black shirt and pants with costume. Option: fill pumpkin with batting or other material to make the pumpkin "full".

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