Bat Treat Cone


Required Supplies:

Fabric Glue
1 12 x 18 Black EZ Felt Sheet
1 9 x 12 Black Soft Felt Sheet
1 9 x 12 White Soft Felt Sheet
Single Hole Punch
2 3/8" Diameter Google Eyes
30" of 3/8" Grosgrain Ribbon
Bat Treat Cone Template


1) Cut outBat Treat Cone Templatepieces from template.

2) Arrange template pieces on corresponding felt and cut out:
   9 x 12 Black Soft Felt: Cone
   9 x 12 White Soft Felt: Fangs
   12 x 18 Black EZ Felt: Wings

3) Mark on the cone with pencil where holes are to be punched.

4) Glue Google Eyes and Fangs onto Bat Face.

5) Fold bat into a cone shape, bringing the cone behind the bat face. Glue into place.

6) Glue Wings to the back of the Cone, affixing to the inside.

7) Using single hole punch, punch holes where previously marked. Thread ribbon through holes, knotting the ribbon on the inside of the cone.


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