Trick or Treat Frame


Required Supplies:

Wood Paint (Black, Green)
Paint Brush
Craft Glue
2 1/8" Diameter Google Eyes
1Rectangle Wood Frame
2Gingerbread Men Wood Shapes
19 x 12 White Stick-It Felt Sheet
19 x 12 Tangerine Stick-It Felt Sheet
19 x 12 Lavender Stick-It Felt Sheet
Trick or Treat Frame Template

Optional Supplies:


1) Paint your pieces:
     Picture Frame: Black
     1 Gingerbread Man: Green
     TIP: To help keep pieces secure while painting, use some tape to keep them in

2) Using theTrick or Treat Frame Template,cut out the following pieces:
     White Felt:
         Letters: "T", "C", "R", "T"
         Ghost Body
     Tangerine Felt:
         Letters: "R", "K", "O", "E"
     Lavender Felt:
         Letters: "I", "R", "T", "A"
         Witch Hat
         Witch Dress

3) Once paint has dried, layout where you would like your words and shapes to go

4) Create your trick or treaters by:
         Remove the adhesive-backing on your ghost body piece.
         Affix to front of the unpainted gingerbread man piece.
         Glue two google eyes onto the face.

         Remove the adhesive-backing from witch hat piece.
         Affix to top of green gingerbread piece.
         Remove adhesive-backing from witch dress piece.
         Affix to the body of green gingerbread piece.

5) Remove adhesive-backing from letters and affix into place onto frame.

6) Glue your characters in place.

7) Add your favorite Halloween memory.

Optional Steps:
Glue magnets to the back of your frame to create a perfect new magnet!


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