Make A Monster!


Required Supplies:

Wood Paint (White, Green, Orange, Purple)
Paint Brush
Craft Glue
4 1/8" Diameter Google Eyes
Black Marker
21" Square Blocks
21" Doll Heads/Knobs
21 1/8" Micro Shaker Pegs
19 x 12 Black Quick Stick Soft Felt Sheet
19 x 12 White Soft Felt Sheet
Make a Monster Template


1) Paint your pieces:
     White Paint:
         1 1" Square Block
         1 1" Doll Head/Knob
     Green Paint:
         1 1" Doll Head/Knob
     Orange Paint:
         1 1" Square Block
     Purple Paint:
         2 1 1/8" Micro Shaker Pegs

2) While your pieces are drying, use theMake a Monster Templateto cut out your felt pieces:
     Black Quick Stick Felt Sheet:
         Frankenstein Hair
         Frankenstein Jacket
     White Soft Felt Sheet:
         Cut two 1/4" wide strips from the longest side of felt rectangle to wrap
         your mummy with.

3) Once paint has dried, begin construction of your monsters!

         a) Remove adhesive-backing from jacket piece and affix to orange block. The
         triangles should meet up in the front.

         b) Glue pegs in diagonal fashion on top of block.

         c) Remove adhesive-backing from hair piece and affix on top of green doll
         head. The spikey portion is the front.

         d) Draw on Frankenstein's eyebrows.

         e) Glue on google eyes below eyebrows.

         f) Glue head on top of block.

         a) Place dot of glue on one end of whie soft felt strip.

         b) Wrap the bottom block of the Mummy in felt. Glue last piece in place when

         c) Repeat same process for the head of Mummy.

         d) Glue on google eyes on front of Mummy's face.

         e) Glue head on top of block.


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