Star Garland


Required Supplies:

Single Hole Punch
1 12 x 18 Royal EZ Felt Sheet
1 12 x 18 White EZ Felt Sheet
1 12 x 18 Red EZ Felt Sheet
100" of 1/4" Grosgrain Ribbon
Star Garland Template


1) Arrange star (fromtemplate)on each EZ Felt Sheet like below image.

2) Cut out stars from EZ Felt Sheet. Mark on your stars with pencil where the holes will be punched.

3) Repeat steps #1 & #2 on remaining EZ Felt Sheets.

4) Using the single hole punch, punch holes where you have marked.

5) Arrange your garland in alternating colors on a flat surface.

6) Once you have determined your arrangement, begin stringing stars together with ribbon and tying a bow at the ends.

Finished Garland will be about 60" long.


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